Australian National Development Index Limited

Australian National Development Index (ANDI) Limited is a values-driven non-profit organisation committed to creating a better Australia for all. At ANDI, they believe in measuring what truly matters to Australians, transcending beyond the constraints of GDP and other economic indicators. By focusing on aspects such as health, education, environment, democracy, work, family life, and leisure, ANDI aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the nation's progress and well-being. As an inclusive organisation, ANDI is made up of leading community organisations, peak bodies, businesses, faith-based organisations, research institutions, and passionate individuals who work together towards creating a brighter future. Through community engagement and the development of the Australian National Development Index, ANDI aims to track justice for Indigenous Australians, overall fairness, and human rights, making them an inspiring organisation to work for. If you believe in meaningful change, joining ANDI will provide you with the opportunity to contribute to an organisation that creates a more equitable society. Help them evaluate Australia's journey in various aspects of life, from the impact of bushfires to youth loneliness during the COVID-19 pandemic. By working with ANDI, you can take part in shaping the kind of Australia we all want to live in.