Ballarat Lyric Theatre Inc. is a passionate, community-focused non-profit organisation dedicated to creating world-class theatre productions that inspire and entertain audiences in the Ballarat region. With a strong foundation built over the years, their commitment to promoting the arts and nurturing local talent shines through in every performance. This welcoming organisation values creativity, inclusivity, and collaboration – fostering an environment that allows individuals to thrive and grow both personally and professionally. Joining the Ballarat Lyric Theatre team, you'll have the opportunity to work with talented, dedicated individuals, united in their pursuit of artistic excellence. In addition to producing memorable shows, Ballarat Lyric Theatre also offers costume, set, and prop hire services, further contributing to the vibrant local arts scene. By becoming a part of this dynamic organisation, you'll play a key role in enriching the cultural landscape, and ensure the continued success of a beloved community staple. Embrace the chance to work for an organisation that truly values its people, and become a part of the Ballarat Lyric Theatre family today. Help them in inspiring and captivating the hearts and minds of their community members, one performance at a time.