Beananging Kwuurt Institute

At Beananging Kwuurt Institute (BKI), a profound dedication to creating a proud, confident, and powerful Aboriginal Cultural Community drives their values-driven mission. Located in Queens Park, Western Australia, this not-for-profit Aboriginal organisation works tirelessly to provide emergency relief for families experiencing hardship, while also ensuring that every community member feels valued and empowered. Established with the support of Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Congress and Uniting Church in Australia, BKI is committed to serving as a beacon of hope and healing for Aboriginal people. With its name representing a new day for Aboriginal people, BKI symbolizes the ongoing journey of healing, caring, and nurturing that characterizes its mission. Specializing in providing services to the Aboriginal community, BKI fosters a nurturing environment where teamwork and outreach prevail. The staff at BKI, composed of passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds, work together to create programs aimed at empowering the community. From the development of a community garden as a symbol of unity to the organisation of outreach programs and services, BKI is dedicated to ensuring that the Aboriginal community thrives. For those with a passion for social change and a desire to make a significant impact, a career at Beananging Kwuurt Institute offers the opportunity to be a part of something truly meaningful.