Cape York Timber Pty Ltd

Cape York Timber Pty Ltd, a part of the Cape York Partnership, is a non-profit Indigenous organisation empowering the people of Cape York to choose a life they have reason to value. As a values-driven organisation, Cape York Partnership is dedicated to providing opportunities, support and resources to the communities it serves, proving that they genuinely care about the welfare and prosperity of the region. With its 10 entities working across policy, empowerment, education, employment, health, language and culture, Cape York Partnership fosters an inclusive and collaborative approach to community development. By joining Cape York Timber Pty Ltd, you will not only become a part of an organisation that is actively making a difference in the lives of Cape York communities, but also contribute towards enabling tangible changes in the region. You will collaborate with passionate people who share your values and work in an environment that promotes growth and innovation. If you're seeking an opportunity to make a significant impact and contribute positively to the lives of others, Cape York Timber Pty Ltd may be the perfect fit for you.