Carers Australia Limited

Carers Australia Limited is a compassionate and dedicated not-for-profit organisation that seeks to make a meaningful impact on the lives of Australia's 2.65 million unpaid carers. As the national peak body representing these hardworking individuals, they strive to improve the health, wellbeing, resilience, and financial security of carers so that the responsibility of care is shared between family, community, and government. From developing policies in collaboration with carer organisations, government, and peak bodies, to providing essential information, support, and services to carers across the country, Carers Australia is always looking for talented and passionate professionals to contribute to achieving their mission. Employees can expect to work in a supportive, values-driven environment where their efforts will directly shape the lives of carers and their families. A role with Carers Australia Limited offers a rewarding and inspiring career opportunity, one where you can make a significant and lasting difference in the lives of countless Australians who selflessly provide care for their loved ones. Join this dynamic, committed team to be part of a truly impactful organisation working towards a better future for all carers in Australia.