Catholic Education Office Warragul

Catholic Education Office Warragul is a community-driven and values-led organisation that's dedicated to providing an exceptional educational experience for every student in the Diocese of Sale. They operate 38 primary schools and 7 secondary schools, spanning metropolitan, regional, and rural areas. With their unwavering commitment to delivering the highest quality educational opportunities and outcomes, they've created an inclusive and enriching environment that fosters lifelong learning. Inspired by their mission to serve and uplift the community, Catholic Education Office Warragul is a fantastic place to work for individuals who share their passion for education and dedication to making a positive impact. Employees at this organisation are welcomed into a supportive network of passionate educators and encouraged to grow and thrive in their respective careers. By joining Catholic Education Office Warragul, employees not only get the opportunity to enrich the lives of students in the Diocese of Sale, but also contribute to the greater cause of reconciliation and justice with Aboriginal people on whose lands their schools and offices are built. This is an exceptional chance for anyone seeking a meaningful career in a values-driven organisation that's committed to making a real difference in the lives of those they serve.