Edithburgh Museum Inc

Edithburgh Museum Inc, nestled in the beautiful coastal town of Edithburgh, preserves and promotes the region's rich history and heritage. With a close-knit community of around 520 residents, this charming organisation welcomes and values the contributions of locals and visitors alike. As an employee of Edithburgh Museum Inc, you will be a part of a dedicated team striving to educate and inspire others about the community's vibrant past. Working at Edithburgh Museum Inc not only offers a meaningful career in a picturesque, seaside setting, but it also provides the opportunity to revel in the natural beauty and leisure activities of the area. Here, you will find sandy beaches perfect for swimming, diving, snorkeling, and sailboarding. You can explore captivating shipwrecks or visit the nearby Wattle Point Wind Farm. With family-friendly activities and gourmet local cuisine, Edithburgh attracts a growing number of tourists, ensuring a dynamic and diverse working environment. Join the Edithburgh Museum Inc team and contribute to the preservation and celebration of this unique coastal community. Experience the camaraderie, passion, and dedication of a values-driven organisation while enjoying the serenity and charm of a stunning seaside destination.