Equip Ministry Inc

Equip Ministry Inc. is a passionate, values-driven not-for-profit organisation committed to equipping the next generation of leaders for God's Church. Through their practical training program, they empower ministry trainees and apprentices from various churches and ministries across Melbourne to gain valuable experience and flourish as compassionate leaders in their communities. In addition to providing trainees with the crucial biblical and theological foundations for ministry, Equip Ministry Inc. cultivates a nurturing environment where individuals can experience mutual encouragement and support from their peers. This close-knit network is not only beneficial to trainees but also offers administrative resources and support to partner churches and organisations in developing traineeship ministries. As part of the Equip Ministry Inc. team, you'll have the opportunity to work in an environment where your passion for making a difference is celebrated and your growth as a leader is encouraged. By joining Equip Ministry Inc., you'll be contributing to the growth of future church leaders who are thoroughly equipped for every good work, as stated in 2 Timothy 3:17. Visit their website at www.equipministry.org.au to learn more about this inspiring organisation and how you can be a part of their mission to nurture the next generation of compassionate, dedicated leaders for God's Church.