Every Step Foundation Limited

Every Step Foundation Limited is a values-driven, not-for-profit organisation, built on the solid foundation of compassionate families supporting children in the community suffering from cerebral palsy and other long-term disabilities. Their mission is to remove limitations and create opportunities for the children and their families. They are family-focused and consider the needs of the entire family unit, promoting collaboration and unity to best support their children with disabilities. One of their most noteworthy initiatives is the Bikes for Bikes program which provides specially designed bicycles to children in need. They also host events such as the Ladies Lunch to raise funds and awareness for their cause. Every Step Foundation is run by dedicated volunteers, with a remarkable 100% of funds raised going directly to help families. By joining the Every Step Foundation team, you will become a part of a passionate community that works tirelessly to make a real difference in the lives of children living with cerebral palsy and their families. Join them on their journey, and take pride in knowing that your contributions will create lasting positive change in the lives of many.