Farm Road Pre School Inc

Welcome to Farm Road Pre School Inc, an inspiring organisation committed to creating a warm and nurturing environment for its students. As a community-based sessional kindergarten, the institution offers tailored programs for 3 and 4-year-old kids that foster a love of learning through play-based experiences. At Farm Road Pre School, young learners not only thrive and develop to their full potential but also feel a genuine sense of belonging to a supportive and inclusive community. The organisation's strong belief in belonging, being, and becoming is reflected in their dedicated teachers who provide enriching learning experiences for all children. Furthermore, a variety of activities including art, music, dance, language, cooking, sensory play, and gardening keep children engaged and stimulated, ensuring their holistic development. Farm Road Pre School also takes pride in its strong family and community-centric ethos that allows parents to be actively involved in their child's education. Be a part of an organisation that values collaboration, connection and meaningful relationships, and contribute to the bright future of young minds at Farm Road Pre School.