Ha'Tzofim Australia Inc

Ha'Tzofim Australia Inc is a vibrant and dynamic not-for-profit organisation that invites passionate individuals to be a part of their inspiring mission. As an affiliate of the Australian Zionist Youth Council (AZYC), this dedicated group operates in Sydney and Melbourne, bringing the spirit and structure of Israeli scouting to Australia. At Ha'Tzofim Australia, they believe in promoting cultural exchange and fostering a strong connection with Israel and its values. Through engaging programs and summer camps, they inspire the next generation of young leaders and bridge the gap between different communities. Their professional and caring team is committed to safeguarding children, ensuring a nurturing and secure environment for everyone to grow and succeed. By joining Ha'Tzofim Australia, you'll be stepping into a family that motivates you to develop your skills, fulfill your potential, and leave a lasting impact on the lives of others. Embrace the opportunity to work with a diverse group of like-minded individuals as you collectively journey towards a brighter and more connected world. Don't hesitate to become a part of Ha'Tzofim Australia and help build a better future for the scouts of today and the leaders of tomorrow.