At Jarake Wildlife Sanctuary Ltd, their heartfelt mission is to protect, rescue, rehabilitate, and release the precious wildlife of Australia. This compassionate not-for-profit organisation is committed to preserving the natural habitat for the diverse species that call this beautiful country home. Through their dedication, they offer a sanctuary for orphaned, injured, and mistreated animals in need of love, care, and a second chance. By joining the Jarake Wildlife Sanctuary Ltd team, you'll be inspired by their unwavering commitment to make a difference in the lives of countless animals. Their diverse activities range from rescuing and rehabilitating orphans to treating animals with various medical needs, such as mange. Additionally, they work tirelessly to protect the environment, raising public awareness about issues like deforestation, and pursuing educational initiatives for a more sustainable tomorrow. Their passion extends beyond the sanctuary walls, as they involve communities and work closely with the media and Parliament to drive change. As a member of this incredible organisation, you'll have the opportunity to grow professionally and personally, and make a meaningful contribution to the flourishing of Australia's wildlife. Allow your passion for animals and the environment to soar at Jarake Wildlife Sanctuary Ltd.