Kariong Eco Garden Inc

Kariong Eco Garden Inc is a vibrant non-profit organisation focused on sustainable living and environmental stewardship. This community-driven garden offers a unique opportunity for individuals to immerse themselves in nature while also contributing to the betterment of the planet. By nurturing wildlife habitats, harvesting rainwater, utilising renewable energy, recycling organic matter, and growing food naturally, Kariong Eco Garden fosters a deep connection with the earth and empowers individuals to make a real difference. As a regional education centre for sustainable living, the organisation welcomes visitors and volunteers to join in their mission. Regular workdays and member meetings encourage active participation and decision-making about the garden's future. Additionally, the Repair Cafe offers a fantastic way to extend the life of personal items while engaging with like-minded community members. Those who work with Kariong Eco Garden can expect exciting opportunities to learn about environmental preservation, network with passionate individuals, and ultimately, cultivate a greener, healthier world. This incredible non-profit organisation is perfect for those with a heart for the earth, a love for community, and a strong commitment to making the world a better place for future generations.