Kellerberrin Community Resource Centre Inc.

Kellerberrin Community Resource Centre Inc. (KCRC) is a vibrant, values-driven organisation striving to enhance the lives of residents in the beautiful town of Kellerberrin, Western Australia. KCRC plays an integral role in connecting the community, offering a myriad of services, support, and opportunities for locals to socialize, learn, and grow. As an employer, Kellerberrin Community Resource Centre deeply believes in cultivating a friendly and inclusive work environment that embraces diverse talents and encourages individual growth. KCRC is proud to be part of the Association of Western Australian Community Resource Centres Inc and the West Australian Community Resource Network, both initiatives funded by the Royalties for Regions program. Joining the dedicated team at KCRC will provide abundant opportunities for personal development, collaboration, and the satisfaction of making a positive impact on the lives of countless community members. From assisting residents with essential services and fostering small businesses to supporting local sporting and community groups, KCRC employees have a unique chance to contribute meaningfully to the thriving Kellerberrin community. By working at Kellerberrin Community Resource Centre Inc., not only will you be part of an organisation that values teamwork, integrity, and innovation, but you'll also experience firsthand the joy that stems from inspiring others to reach their full potential. Embark on a rewarding career with KCRC today and help sculpt a brighter future for Kellerberrin and its residents.