Living Success Christian Centre

Living Success Christian Centre (LSCC) is a faith-based non-profit organisation based in Tasmania, Australia, dedicated to inspiring and empowering individuals and communities through the transformative power of spirituality and faith. Founded by Pastor Joe and Lynda, LSCC values love, service, compassion, and humility in its mission to create positive change in the world. By joining the LSCC team, you not only become a part of a warm and welcoming community, but also contribute to a greater purpose in making a meaningful difference in the lives of others. LSCC offers a range of opportunities to share your unique skills, passion, and dedication in the pursuit of spiritual growth and uplifting those in need. Working with LSCC is not just a job, but a fulfilling journey filled with opportunities for personal development, rewarding experiences, and lasting friendships. As a valued team member, you will have access to various resources, supportive networks, and ongoing guidance to help you grow both personally and professionally. Be a part of a vibrant organisation that truly believes in the power of hope, faith, and unity. Join Living Success Christian Centre today, and help shape a brighter future for all.