Marco Polo Project

The Marco Polo Project is a forward-thinking not-for-profit organisation focused on designing intercultural spaces to navigate the uncertain future. Amid fast-paced changes and mass migrations, they aim to create collective structures that act as shock absorbers in various aspects of life, allowing for the continuous renegotiation of common values and understanding. Committed to fostering social well-being, the Marco Polo Project designs and delivers original programs and workshops for diverse communities, increasing their capacity to learn from and with each other. In addition, they develop open access resources supporting innovative and inclusive education. Their Translation Club offers collaborative translation as a transformative peer-learning experience, bringing people from all walks of life together to share perspectives and learn from one another. Operating in Melbourne, Australia, the Marco Polo Project acknowledges and respects the colonized lands of the Kulin Nation where they educate, create, and innovate. Working for the Marco Polo Project means being part of a compassionate, ambitious team striving to create a more inclusive and connected future. Join their mission in reshaping how communities come together and adapt to our ever-changing world.