Nafsika Stamoulis Hellenic Museum Limited

Nafsika Stamoulis Hellenic Museum Limited presents a unique opportunity for history and art enthusiasts to become a part of a renowned cultural destination. Driven by a commitment to preserve and celebrate the rich artistic traditions of ancient and contemporary Greece, the museum offers a holistic exploration of Hellenic history spanning over 8,000 years. As an employee at this prestigious institution, you will join a diverse team working amidst the landmark Royal Mint building in the heart of Melbourne, contributing to enlightening exhibitions and engaging events. With a mission to inspire and educate, you will help bridge the past with the present and future generations, allowing the beauty of Greek culture to continue to flourish. If you are passionate about making a difference and collaborating with like-minded individuals, then look no further than the Nafsika Stamoulis Hellenic Museum. Seize the chance to build a fulfilling career in a vibrant environment that values your creativity, knowledge, and enthusiasm for Hellenic art and history.