Rock Art Australia

Rock Art Australia is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to preserving and researching Australia's ancient rock art. Combining science and Aboriginal cultural knowledge, this organisation strives to unravel the mysteries of Australia's vast history and connect its people with the ongoing cultural tradition that created these magnificent artworks. As part of the Rock Art Australia team, each member contributes to the understanding and sharing of stories that hold great importance not only to their creators and their descendants but also to humanity as a whole. Working with passionate like-minded individuals, one will find themselves immersed in a world of unique cultural significance. By delving into the rich heritage of Australia's indigenous rock art styles, ranging from naturalistic to Gwion subgroups, employees will not only be part of important research projects but also be at the forefront of ensuring that indigenous knowledge and stories are not lost and can be shared for generations to come. Join Rock Art Australia in their mission to make a difference and provide a deeper understanding of Australia's heritage while recognizing the enduring relationship that traditional owners have with their lands and waters. Work with a team that's making a real impact by protecting the country's most important cultural treasures.