Sister2sister Foundation Ltd

Sister2sister Foundation Ltd is an Australian non-profit organisation dedicated to empowering young women to achieve the futures they could only dream of. By providing youth support and education programs, Sister2sister equips at-risk girls with critical survival and life skills, fostering an environment that nurtures their potential to make transformative choices. Working closely with school counselors, youth workers, community service caseworkers, and law enforcement agencies, Sister2sister identifies girls who are in dire need of education, support, and guidance. Partnering these girls with trained female mentors, the organisation embarks on a year-long structured mentoring and education program. This impactful initiative instills resilience and self-worth in the Little Sisters, motivating them to become strong, independent women. By joining Sister2sister Foundation Ltd, you'll be part of a team that aims to create lasting change to Australia's most marginalized girls, enabling them to take their rightful place in the world. Be inspired to work for an organisation where each mentorship turns sadness into support, fear into hope, and dreams into reality.