Sport For Jove Theatre Company Limited

Sport For Jove Theatre Company Limited is a passionate and award-winning NFP organisation that strives to bring the magic of theatre to life. With their outstanding reputation in producing a major touring summer festival of outdoor Shakespeare, this renowned NSW-based repertory company aims to not only entertain but also inspire countless theatre enthusiasts in Australia. In addition to their captivating theatrical productions, Sport For Jove takes pride in being the resident theatre company of the Seymour Centre and is committed to nurturing and developing the next generation of creative minds through their Education Program. Offering engaging live performances, symposiums, workshops and interactive learning experiences, they provide a unique platform that empowers students and educators alike. Working for Sport For Jove is more than just a job; it is an opportunity to contribute to an organisation that truly values its people and passionately believes in the power of storytelling. As an unfunded independent company, Sport For Jove relies on the commitment and dedication of its team to bring their unforgettable stories to life on stage. With a shared love for theatre and a genuine desire to make a difference in the community, Sport For Jove's team members are rewarded with the chance to collaborate, develop and enjoy a fulfilling career in the world of performing arts. Join Sport For Jove today and help shape the future of theatre in Australia.