The Trustee For Anglesea Surf Lifesaving Club Foundation

Discover an incredible opportunity with The Trustee for Anglesea Surf Lifesaving Club Foundation, an inspiring NFP organisation dedicated to the safety and wellbeing of beachgoers since 1952. At Anglesea SLSC, you'll have the chance to join a passionate team that strives to make a difference every day, patrolling the stunning coastline, developing critical lifesaving skills, and offering frontline first aid and emergency services. Furthermore, Anglesea SLSC places great emphasis on fostering personal growth through skills development, training, and inclusive surf sports programs. If you're driven by strong values and a desire to serve the community, Anglesea SLSC is the perfect place to embark on a meaningful career. Be part of a vibrant and supportive environment that offers a range of opportunities from actively patrolling to being a social or competitive member. Anglesea SLSC's reputable nipper programs and events help to create a fun, family-oriented atmosphere where important life skills can be learned and cherished. Plus, the unbeatable coastal location makes every day a stunning backdrop for fulfilling work. Join the Anglesea SLSC community and create a lasting impact in the lives of beachgoers and members alike.