The Trustee For Australian Research Theology Foundation

The Trustee for Australian Research Theology Foundation (ARTFinc) is a dynamic, values-driven organisation dedicated to advancing the study and research of religion and education within Australia. Established by the late Rev'd Robert Houghton in 1973, this independent foundation has its roots in promoting theological research and education with an Australian focus. Over the years, ARTFinc has embraced various themes, ranging from academic theology to grassroots Christian education, fulfilling its mission of fostering curiosity and innovation within the field. Collaborating with research scholars, organisations, and educational institutions, ARTFinc supports projects and initiatives such as experimental projects, conferences, publications, and post-graduate study. With a passionate team led by Chairperson Howard Munro, the foundation aims to create a lasting impact in various areas of theology and education. If you're looking for an inspiring opportunity to contribute to the growth and development of religion and education in Australia, ARTFinc is the right organisation for you. Embracing diversity and inclusivity, they open their doors to anyone with creative ideas in line with the foundation's objectives. Join ARTFinc to be part of a progressive movement that thrives on the knowledge and passion of its team members. Together, let's make a meaningful difference in the world of theology and education.