The Trustee For First Steps Count Foundation

The Trustee for First Steps Count Foundation is a passionate not-for-profit organisation dedicated to giving children the best possible start in life. With a strong focus on supporting kids aged 0-12 and their families, First Steps Count aims to create a positive impact in the lives of those within the Taree and Manning Valley communities. They achieve this through their Child and Community Centre, which serves as a safe and welcoming hub where families can access essential health and wellbeing services. At the heart of First Steps Count is the understanding that every child deserves a chance to succeed, and with a devoted team of professionals, this organisation strives to create a supportive environment where young lives can flourish. By working closely with community service providers, private practitioners, and community groups, First Steps Count ensures that children and families have access to the resources they need to grow, learn and thrive. With a strong commitment to honoring the local Indigenous heritage, First Steps Count pays respects to Australia’s First Peoples, celebrating their diverse cultures and acknowledging their continuous connection to the land. Joining the First Steps Count team means becoming part of a community driven by values, compassion, and dedication. If you share the same vision for creating a brighter future for the children of Taree and Manning Valley, this is the perfect opportunity to make a difference and inspire positive change in the lives of the families who need it most.